Sunday, April 27, 2014

Yes, I am still alive

Okay, so a couple of things.  First of all, yes I am still alive and yes I am still working on projects.  Persons familiar with this blog will know from experience that I tend to be pretty bad at keeping blogs up to date.  Sorry, I just never think to do it.  Anyway, a couple of things.

I lied about putting the text of my novels on my website.  First of all, after doing some market research and soul searching, I have concluded that The Fapper in the Rye sucks, and I currently have no intentions of ever making it available to the public in any form with my name on it.  Forget I ever mentioned writing it.  The Battle of Denver is currently being revised and polished, but I have decided to attempt  some sort of formal publication for it, so the chances of the full text being available online for free are slim.  However, I will probably put an excerpt or something up there.

Here are some new screenshots from SFJ2.  Several people have mentioned to me that the old screenshots looked dark.  I had no idea what they were talking about until I started looking at them using different computers.  I don't know why, but the renders I did looked fine on the laptop I was using when I created them.  However, the images seem to look very dark on just about every other machine I've viewed them on, so I can only conclude that using that particular laptop has different monitor settings or something, I guess.  I don't really know much about color profiles and monitors and stuff; all I know is that if something looks good on the screen I'm using, I assume it looks the same on every screen.  Apparently that is a bad assumption to make.  In any event, I am now doing almost all of my work exclusively on my desktop system, which doesn't seem to have whatever issue the other laptop had, so hopefully these renders look okay.  Let me know if they don't I guess.

I have a new album coming out soon, entitled Zen Nihilism.  It was my project for FAWM 2014, and it is mostly an experimental electronic/new wave/synthpop type album with a freaky Residents vibe.  I think it sounds groovy as hell.  I am working on the master for it, and I also wanted to add another song which I need to find time to record.  Another album I've been talking about, Frozen Glue, is basically done.  I have just about all of the tracks I wanted to put on it recorded in decent final form; I just need to suture them all together and create a master, and also maybe do some sort of bonus content for the release.  Look for new Styop Quoons releases over the summer.

Also, it is mostly looking like the El Guapo ep isn't happening; however, that is because most of the tracks that were originally going to be on it have found homes in other projects.  A mop-up EP may be appearing soon to house whatever residue didn't end up on Frozen Glue or Zen Nihilism.  Also, I've been fiddling with some iPad experimentation while riding public transportation in Portland.  That may or may not become another project.  I should really stop announcing projects until I know for certain I am going to do them.  I need a personal assistant or something.  Anybody want to be my personal assistant?  I will pay you in street cred.

That's about it for now.  Also, I live in Portland now.

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