Saturday, October 5, 2013

Updates, News and Other Bullshit

Hey, folks.  A few updates for everyone to digest.

First off, I have compiled the text for my two novels, The Fapper in the Rye and The Battle of Denver, and I am in the process of publishing them in full form on my website.  For those unaware, my website can be found here.  I will post an announcement once they are complete and uploaded, which should hopefully be soon.  I was planning on releasing The Battle of Denver on this blog chapter by chapter, but ultimately decided against it, opting for an html version on my webpage which will be easier to navigate and read, and keep this blog mainly for news updates and such.

I am also currently writing a third novel, which I am trying to make shorter and more concise than my other two.  The title is Muttering Goats, which some people might remember as the title to an aborted writing project I wrote one chapter of and posted on my MySpace page like six years ago.  Well, that project was actually an attempt at adapting an untitled, unfinished story that I started writing during my senior year of high school. 

I'd always liked where that particular story was going, and always wanted to do something with the idea.  However, looking at it as an adult I found the writing to be crude and infantile even by my standards, so naturally the thing had to be redeveloped and rewritten.  The first Muttering Goats chapter was an attempt at that; however, I never really got anywhere with it, and at this point I am too far removed from it to get back into it.  Plus, I lost the original word file.  Thus, I decided to start from scratch.  I am presently about 10,000 words in, with hopes of capping it off at about 15-20,000. There is a good chance it will end up longer than that, though.

On the digital front, the SFJ sequel is progressing nicely.  I have designed a couple of new environments and will post renders soon.  I also recently obtained a vintage Macintosh Performa 550, which I bought off eBay specifically for the purpose of running System 7 applications and games.  In the process of trying to get this computer fully-loaded, I discovered that there is apparently a community of retro-Mac users out there, who play old games and such either through emulators or actual vintage machines like the one I bought.  Anyway, playing around with this thing and poking around on the internet has gotten me thinking about the reason I became interested in adventure game programming in the first place:  the old HyperCard adventures I used to make as a kid.

I have absolutely no idea what the user-base would be, if any even exists, for an all-new supplementary Stanley "Frankfurter" Jones short adventure, developed as a HyperCard stack and available only on a defunct, no-longer-supported platform, but I'll tell you this:  I intend to find out.  If nothing else, I've never been the sort of person to let not having a user base stop me from making and publishing original games.

In any event, lest you be revealed to all the world as a complete and utter toolbot, I would like to firmly suggest that you get yourself a classic Mac emulator, or obtain a classic Mac.  Otherwise, you might never be able to experience the glory that is:  Stanley "Frankfurter" Jones In:  The Case of the Missing Butt.

 On the musical front, I've been slacking.  Sorry.  I've just about completed the El Guapo ep, though, and I just banged out another track I'm pretty proud of for Frozen Glue the other night.

Also, I'm currently in the process of trying to pick up a second job.  While this will undoubtedly result in more money, it will unfortunately come at the expense of free time, which means my current projects will take even longer to finish than they usually do.  Fair warning.  However, you may rest assured that I will spend every hour of free time I end up with as productively as I can, for as long as it remains necessary for me to do this.

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