Saturday, May 9, 2009

Welcome to my Pooper

My pooper. I welcome you to it.

As those of you familiar with my previous writings may be aware, I am a man with myriad personal objections to the present-day blog culture in which idiots use the internet to blather on incessantly about their lives, jobs, kids, relationships, families, and other shit I don't especially care about.

However, it has recently been brought to my attention that the same technology could also be used to blather on incessantly about music, games, anime, books, manga, and and other shit that I do especially care about. So, I have created this blogspace for the specific purpose of providing reviews and opinions about the various forms of media in which I spend the vast majority of my time absorbing myself.

Now, for the benefit of the occasional odd stranger who is bound to wander in here periodically, looking for up-to-date entertainment news and the latest info on the hottest titles, I would like to take this moment to save us both a little bit of time and clear something up right away: please don't look for that sort of thing here. You are not likely to find it.

As far as music is concerned, my tastes are, shall we say, varied and unorthodox. If you are the kind of person who can appreciate an ecclectic range of high quality selections, you may or may not benefit from the information contained herein. Read and absorb at your own risk. However, if you are like the other 90-95% of America (or you are a reviewer on Songfight!), and would not know great music if it crawled out of the drain in your bathtub and bit off your testicles while you were showering on a balmy Tuesday afternoon, please remove yourself from this blog immediately. There is nothing for you here.

As far as games are concerned, I am not one of those gamers who, through whatever means, have the time and money required play all of the latest games on the latest systems mere weeks after their initial release. I buy most of my games used, and it takes me quite a while to play through them. I will most likely be reviewing games as I play them, so while my next review might be one of the latest 360 releases that was just too awesome to turn down despite my needing to eat, it will far more likely be some long-forgotten PS2 game from six years ago that I picked up used the other night. Read and absorb at your own risk.

As far as anime goes, more or less the same deal as above. I purchase anime when I have the disposable income to do so, and I watch it when I have the time. Anime reviewed here might have been released in the US last month, or fifteen years ago. However, one thing I would like to clarify is that if it I write about it here, it has been released in the US. I am not one of those midget-felching peen-whackers who leeches all of his anime off of BitTorrent and then complains about it in his blog. Everything I write about here I either own, saw on TV (or Hulu, or some other legal web source), borrowed from someone, or I saw it screened at Anime Club (or possibly at a con). I do not download or view fansubs, I have not seen the latest series that just aired a week ago in Japan, and I am not interested in hearing your arguments as to why I should. You do not have an inhernet right to be entertained, and the multitude of hard-working individuals who contribute their efforts to the production of animated features are entitled to reasonable monetary compensation for their efforts. Anyway, that's my stern lecture for the week.

So....I guess if you're still reading, then....enjoy my lengthy and irrelevant pop culture dissertations.


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